Lambretta Series III Electronic Ignition installation

1.Remove the existing flywheel (left hand thread). Fit the new stator plate centrally and ensure the cable is clamped & clear of snagging. Do not tighten the stator plate at this stage. 7. Mark off the required BTDC (before top dead centre) settings to the left of TDC. Here for a TS1 I've marked off 16 1/2, 17, 18 & 19 degrees BTDC, plus someone had already marked off 15! I run my  TS1 at 16 1/2 to 17 degrees BTDC. A normal standard LI is 23 degrees, whilst a GP is 21 degrees BTDC.
2.Using fine grade steel wool or emery paper remove the varnish  covering the flywheel magnets.


8. With the flywheel fitted the arrow on this should be lined up with the relevant degree mark made on the flywheel housing.
3.Now fit the flywheel. There should be an arrow on this  & a corresponding mark on the engine casing around  12 O' clock. When the engine was originally setup  this should have been top dead centre (TDC) 9. Looking through the lower flywheel window located at 5 O'clock you will find a white line on the stator plate pickup & two lines on the flywheel window. These need to line up exactly. In this picture the stator plate needs to be moved clockwise.
4.TDC now needs to be checked & this is just one way to do it. Remove the cylinder head & turn the flywheel until the piston reaches it's crest. Back off slightly, then back again until the piston is at its highest point - TDC. 10. Remove the flywheel again, loosen the stator plate & move it  clockwise (or counter clockwise as required) Then tighten the 3 bolts holding the stator plate, refit the flywheel, followed by the washer &  tighten the bolt.
5.This shows the piston at it's highest point or TDC.

Notice the clearance between the piston and the top of the cylinder. This is important, more so for a tuned engine i.e. for a TS1 it should be between 1-1.1mm.

11. With the flywheel arrow on the relevant flywheel housing BTDC mark, the stator plate white pickup line & the lines on the flywheel windows should line up perfectly. Now tighten the flywheel nut using a torque wrench & the correct flywheel holding tool (not a screwdriver jammed in the fins!!)  to 50 lbs/ft.
6. Remove the flywheel & fit a timing wheel to the crank. Secure this with the flywheel nut & washer. 

If you don't have a timing wheel click here, print it and mount to some thick cardboard.

12. Fit the cylinder head & a gasket if required. Tighten down the cylinder head to 18lbs/ft for a TS1 or 23 lbs/ft for any other Lambretta series III. 

Now go here to wire it up! 

If you find your lights go dim when you brake then you may need to check & rewire your stator plate. Here's a simple diagram to improve the lighting.