Specifications of Lambretta Innocenti GP225TS1

  • Standard TS1 225 aluminium alloy cylinder barrel, nicasil coated bore.
  • Taffspeed (Terry Franklin) fast road tune (exhaust port 8% wider & 4 - 5mm wider/rounder)
  • 3.0mm cylinder pack plate.
  • Indian crank webs (padded) with Japanese 110mm conrod. 
  • Standard TS1 70mm piston.
  • SIL GP200 high compression, side-squish head dowelled to fit precisely to barrel.
  • Dellorto 30mm VHSA oval choke, flat slide carb
  • Standard TS1 4 petal reed block
  • High performance magneto (NU2205) & drive side (6305 C3) Japanese bearings 
  • Taffspeed Road System BS AU193a.1990.T3 Exhaust
  • SIL GP 12V Electronic ignition kit
  • Italian SX200 gearbox
  • 16 tooth front sprocket
  • 81-link Regina chain
  • Taffspeed gearbox selector spring
  • Taffspeed chain tensioner
  • 4-plate Surflex clutch fitted with 10 springs (5 AF standard clutch springs & 5 PX200)
  • Bitubo rear shock
  • Multi-rate front suspension springs (TV175 Series 2 - 15% harder than standard)
  • Taffspeed nylon lined cables.
  • 14.75L long range fuel tank (not shown)
  • Hydraulic front and rear disk brakes, hydraulic clutch

March 2000: Check the weekly update section for future news of the rebuild.

February 2000: Now almost 500 poorer but have everything back from Taffspeed inc. new bearings, seals, gaskets, oil etc. Top end & new crank look sexy (if you like that sort of thing!) All I need now is a spare 5-6 hours to completely rebuild the top end & refit etc.!!!! 


January 2000: Awaiting return of everything from Taffspeed. Cylinder head & barrel are being dowelled so the head is always centred. This also means that no gaskets are required during re-assembly. Barrel has also been ported (exhaust port 8% wider & 4-5mm wider/rounder) & re-nicasiled. Also got a new 110mm crank as the old one had a 22.9mm big end pin which doesn't take the 22mm Jap crank without a whole bunch of machining. New 70mm piston, small end bearing, gudgeon pin, drive & magneto side bearings, seals, clutch plates, pack plate for barrel (longer conrod).  


December 2000: The GP is now finally back on British soil. I've found the TS1 barrel and after talking to Terry at Taffspeed I need the following to at least get it on the road. Also need new clutch plates & check how badly casing is damaged where the big end blew in the crankcase.

  • Replate barrel with Nicasil is 95 

  • Fast road porting (+2-3bhp) 50

  • Cranks shagged so new one with Japanese conrod fitted to webs 145

  • High compression head 38.50

  • 70mm piston 85

September 2000: The TS1 seemed to seize solid riding to Vancouver BC from Portland OR (50 miles into a 300 mile trip). After getting the scooter home and dismantling it I've found the big end bearing has disintegrated, totally fucking up the piston and head. The barrel has a couple of scores on it, nothing too severe so I'm going to get Taffspeed to give it a fast road  tune and replate with nicasil. Also I'm going with a longer Yamaha conrod, new  TS1 piston & new cylinder head.  I'm shipping all my scooters back to the UK as we are emigrating so will update this page with pictures of the damage and rebuild progress.