Lifes a lot better when you ride a Lambretta

Lambretta Hydraulic Conversion

Here's how the rear brake connects to the Clauss Studio urethane mounts. This is a close tolerance fit so shouldn't slip and there is a grub screw underneath which is just visible in the 1st pic. The ball joint connection at the end of the torsion bar in the 2nd pic allows for some play.

5 different views of the rear brake mechanism and set-up. This uses the caliper, mounting plate and disk from a Peugeot Speedfight 100, all other parts have been custom made. The caliper mount incorporates a bearing which the hub and disc connect to.

The engine side rear brake area has been blanked off for the time being. Will remove pads, mechanism etc. later

The rear brake pedal and reservoir were one of the trickiest, time consuming parts to set-up.

Being an anorak I changed the cable routes around a bit once the legshields were fitted, but tried to remain faithful the Sticky bible.

Nice original looking set-up. I'll chop the cable block at some point to remove the clutch mounting.