SX200 damaged in transit

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WHAT'S THE DAMAGE JOHN? In hindsight this could've been a lot worse.  As can be seen the main damage was to the leg shields. However the trim, bulbs and light rim were also damaged, along with some paint gouged off of the bottom of the headset. I was gutted when I dismantled the crate and saw the scoot  in this state, especially after waiting so long! Nevertheless it started and rode OK, but I was so pissed off I didn't really use it on the road until June after I'd fitted the new leg shields.

ENGINE: Whilst it was off the road I stripped the engine down to sort out an oil leak that was affecting the rear brake and also to generally check the engine out. Engine studs and bearing inserts had been repaired to a high standard and apart from a rather dodgy collar on the lay shaft which I replaced I've seen a lot worse. Everything else chain, clutch, gearbox etc. were in good condition. The oil leak turned out to be caused by a small chip on the inside rear axle bearing insert which I fixed with some metal filler. I also had a persistent oil leak from the crankcase cover which took some fiddling around to fix. I never took the top end off as I never had any problems and I had a new Mazzuchelli crankshaft fitted in addition to the normal new piston, rings, rebore etc. However I did swap the carb and manifold (junk as Randall had already mentioned) with a GP200 Dellorto 22mm and a big bore Indian exhaust both of which I had lying around. One thing I noticed and should've changed  when I stripped the gearbox down the first time where the gear selector guides that sit in the groove of the sliding dog leg used to change gear. These eventually disintegrated and I couldn't change gear at all (just before one of the Seattle 2000 rallies) This involved another complete strip down of the gearbox in which I also swapped the lay shaft and endplate with ones I'd picked up at a UK scooter parts fair. 

OTHER: Other things I've done include: 

  • Replaced all nuts n'bolts with stainless. Some of the original ones seemed to be hand made!

  • Replaced centre stand as this was badly welded.

  • Replaced the stand feet and handlebar grips. 

  • Replaced cylinder and flywheel shrouds with powder coated versions.

  • Replaced speedo face (still not satisified with this - need original)

  • Gear cable inners and complete clutch cable.

I rode the SX around Oregon on trip permits but didn't get it registered until August/September 2000.  I then had the SX crated up along with my other scoots using Dealer Transport in Salem Oregon (503-378-1319) and shipped from Seattle using Overseas Relocation (425-251-3390) back to the UK. 

This particular scooters done quite a few (shipping) miles to date, from Italy to Vietnam, then to Portland, Oregon back to the UK. As mentioned on the previous page don't be put off by the above pictures. I don't regret buying this scooter from ScootRS in Vietnam (you try finding an SX200 like this in the USA for the same $$$) and Randall is a great guy to do business with. The scoot is great and is the only one of my 3 currently running, only took a few kicks after it had been in a shipping crate from US to UK for 6 weeks to fire up again.

This was posted by me on the International BBS on June 05, 2000. 
Just thought I'd post some positive feedback on the Lambretta SX200 I received from ScootRS 6 months ago.

The SX200 arrived in Portland, Oregon just before Xmas 1999. It took around 4 weeks to get here at a cost of $390 for shipping. U.S. Customs were no problem ($8); in fact dealing with the freight forwarders was more hassle. Visually inspected the crate loaded it up and took it home. However when I opened it up I found some damage had occurred to the leg shields. The wooden crate was well made but had obviously been dropped from a height onto one side during transit. Both sides of the leg shields were bent and twisted. However despite this I filled it up with gearbox oil and petrol and it started second kick!!

Obviously the shippers denied all responsibility and as I didn't have shipping insurance I had no luck with any claim against them. So I contacted Randall and to cut a long story short he shipped me free of charge another complete set of leg shields. Now when I say "complete" I mean completely resprayed the same colour with all badges and trim fitted. He'd even fitted a leg shield toolbox (nice job!)

It took a while to get the leg shields here as he shipped them with another consignment to ScooterMD in Vancouver, B.C. I picked them up recently, fitted them and it looks great. The scooter is a first time starter and runs superbly, very smooth.

I've been riding (and repairing) Lambrettas for 20 years now and this is one of the nicest I've ever owned. It's been a pleasure dealing with Randall and ScootRS from start to finish. He replies to email promptly and is keen to make his customers happy. I would recommend dealing with him to anyone.

Click here for pictures of the shipping crate - WARNING these images are large (40K) & not very interesting!