Starting your Series III

If your scoot hasn't started for a while & you've just spent 15 minutes kick starting & pushing it up & down the street, it sounds like it's time for a once over to ensure everything is in order. 

Is your timing OK? Check the points are in good condition (not pitted or worn) & this or the electronic ignition is set correctly (see the timing page for details)

Clean & check the carb by totally dismantling it. Cleanliness is key here so use clean lint free cloth, brush & petrol. Whilst it's apart check for the correct size choke, slide, atomiser, pilot, main & starter jet fitted against the following table. Also ensure the air screw is adjusted per the table.

With the carb still off ensure there's fuel getting through the petrol tap & pipe, both in the normal position & reserve (up off, middle on, down reserve) With bikes that have been sitting a while the petrol tanks can corrode & rust. This shit gets into the carb & clogs everything up. Take the lid off of the petrol tank & have a look in there with a torch. If necessary empty & remove the old tank, fill it up with a few clean stones & some soapy water, give it a bloody good shake & rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any crap. Then let it dry out properly. If it's too bad then get a new/second-hand tank, if its salvageable then get it vapour blasted somewhere. 

Check the air scoop, box, filter, intake rubber boot are OK. Remove these & make sure everything including the air box & intake are clean. Replace if in doubt, but for the moment leave these disconnected. Refit the clean & dry petrol tank, fill with fresh unleaded petrol & mix in 4% (25:1) of good quality 2-stroke oil.

Once all the above have been checked check your plug. If you haven't done so already fit a new on (check here for type, gap etc.) Fit the plug to the HT lead & place it against bare metal or the engine (don't hold it!) Now kick the scoot over several times to see if you have a decent spark. If not then you could have a dodgy suppressor cap, HT lead or coil. To check this remove the suppressor or HT cap, stick a small piece of wire in the end & place this against the frame. If it sparks get a new cap. If not then check for a spark from the stator plate. Remove the green wire coming out of the stator plate into the junction box (or rectifier if you have a battery) Place this against the frame (bare metal) If it sparks OK here then there is probably a problem with the wiring, coil or HT lead so it should be fairly easy to fault find from here.

Once you have a decent spark at the plug refit it, turn the petrol & choke on & kick it over a few times (10-15) with the throttle fully open. Remove the spark plug to see if it's wet. Is it wet, dry, black or oily? Wet is good, but if it's dry then there's a problem with fuel flow somewhere. Place your hand over the carb & kick the scoot over. This should cover your hand in petrol, as with no air going in the mixture will be very rich. If this is OK then kick the scooter over again. It could take some persuading to start so after a few kicks attempt to bump it in 2nd gear all the time opening & closing the throttle. If it starts OK fit the air filter assembly & make sure it starts again!

If you have fuel going through & a properly timed spark it should start - eventually!