Lambretta TS1 225 installation - drive & magneto bearing removal

Click here for bearing fitting instructions

These pages aren't a step by step guide to fitting a TS1 and assume you already have some mechanical knowledge and experience of working with Lambretta engines. Despite the heading most of these steps are fairly generic for bearing replacement. The only difference with a TS1 is the use of high quality, high load bearings. Don't be tempted to cut costs here & use Indian bearings, German or Japanese are the best. For a list of bearings and oil seals click here.

As the heading mentions this is an installation so all the necessary disassembly has already been done inc. dismantling the engine & magneto side.   

1. The 4 screws holding the crank seal plate in place may need an impact screwdriver to loosen. Discard the screws as these shouldn't be used again   6. As with the drive side bearing heat all around the bearing housing with a propane torch.  
2. Once the above plate is removed, turn the engine casing over & heat up the bearing housing with a propane torch. 


7. As one oil seal and spacer still remain in the housing be very specific where heat is applied. You'll find the housing needs a lot of heat to ensure bearing removal is successful.
3. Although there are tools available on the market for drive/magneto bearing  insertion/removal, once the bearing housing has been heated then should be able to gently tap it out with a hide mallet & an oversize socket  8. Although this is not the best method,  gently tap out the bearing using a large socket & hide or rubber mallet. You'll need to concentrate on the edge of the bearing as the centre race should still be located on the crank.
4. This picture shows the main drive side bearing & oil seal plate removed. 9. This picture shows the magneto bearing, spacer & oil seal removed. The tools at the top, from left  are a crank locating tool & a magneto side oil seal drift. Both available from MB Developments 
5. Focus now turns to the magneto side bearing. Remove the large circlip & the first oil seal. This will expose the magneto side bearing.   10. This picture shows the magneto side casing with all components removed. If yours is in a worse condition than this then it's time to get a replacement (~25)