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Trick Lambretta Items

See the new hydraulics page which details the rear disk brake and clutch set-up

scitsu_1.jpg (995403 bytes) scitsu_2.jpg (1065469 bytes) scitsu_3.jpg (1076133 bytes) brass quick action throttle wheel.jpg (597179 bytes)
As I use a long range tank I have no toolbox so I'm going to modify the toolbox door to accomodate this Scitsu rev counter.

This brass quick action throttle cam from Scooter Loopy John is very cool. They fit inside the original handle bars and use the original cable route. Gives a great progressive throttle action with great control at lower speeds.

hydraulic_clutch_side_casing.jpg (991028 bytes) inside_hydraulic_clutch_side_casing.jpg (922591 bytes) hydraulic_rear_brake1.jpg (1454365 bytes)
Original Lambretta Innocenti GP side casing modified for a hydraulic clutch. Externally no different from standard, but needs a bleed nipple and seal. Note: the butchery on the casing is down to my TIG welding not the conversion! Internally the clutch now uses a piston to actuate the clutch. Note it's only tacked in place as all pressure is towards the clutch assembly. Rear brake conversion. Uses a standard Lambretta hub, machined to take a caliper & disk from a Peugeot Speedfight. This bolts around the engine mounting & a small grub screw holds it in place. May line this with some PTFE to cut down on vibration. Note ball joint, nice job
hydraulic_rear_brake2.jpg (1517003 bytes) hydraulic_rear_brake_master.jpg (895099 bytes)
Another view of the rear brake. Note the crappy condition of the caliper & disk - thats ebay parts for you! I'll rebuild this & get the disk skimmed - will look as good as new! Here's the rear brake master cylinder from a Kawasaki ZXR which is "pushed" so is mounted forward of the brake. The reservoir will be extended to go up into the legshield toolbox or behind the horn casting. Here's some pics of how the Saigon unit fits [1] [2] [3] I like their ad! Another ebay item, the Yamaha R1or R6 shock absorber. Any shock with a 300mm distance between mount points can be used but this is getting popular nowadays Same thing, different view. The old bushings have to be pressed out hydraulically. The problem I've found with these is that the standard spring is 480lb per inch compared with 220 for a Lambretta Escort or Sebac and gives a very hard ride.
carbon_brake_clutch_levers.jpg (20510 bytes) Lambretta_engine_oil_level_sight_glass.jpg (14517 bytes)
Now this is a sweet piece of work which replaces the clutch handlebar body. No engravings for numbers or slots yet but it's awesome. I may swap the master cylinder for a smaller Grimeca type as this is from a crashed Gilera Runner. The SIP Grimeca's are spendy so being cheap I forked out 13 for a replacement set of alloy levers with a naff carbon effect.  Nice UK made item I picked up. It's a oil level sight glass for a  Lambretta Engine.  Seen these being sold for 75 - rear brake hydraulic master cylinder conversion kit. Uses the same nissin cylinder as many other bikes.
superflex bushes1.jpg (10673 bytes) superflex bushes2.jpg (10671 bytes) superflex bushes3.jpg (15034 bytes)
PTFE bushes for the Yamaha R1/R6 shock to enable it to fit a Lammy. I've a set I'll be fitting at some point. Here's the dimensions of the bushings required. These bushes have been made using superflex which is probably a superior material as it's an advanced polyurethane used for suspension bushes.
Continental Navigators fitted to ScootRS tubeless rims. Not exactly trick but a useful ebay purchase and only 20 Here's a nice solution for utilising a K+N air filter which fits behind your side panel & requires no holes. No jetting modifications are needed as with the RAM air filters as this is large enough to not restrict flow or effect power loss! Uses a modified metal airbox (still fits oil, jug and tools) connected via a flexible hose to 90 degree silicone hose. Also uses a modified Imola rubber manifold.
I've been looking for a combined banjo and bleed nipple for my clutch for ages. This goodridge version  is in stainless Urethane engine mounts from Clauss Studios. Got these from a mate & fitted them  to the TS1, still use them although they seem to make the vibrations far worse, my hands are numb on both the TS1 and AF250!

Here are some nice, standard looking master cylinder conversions I saw somewhere earlier this year (LCGB forums?) Anyway look nicer than my Grimeca's above. However they work fine and swapping out will be a major pain in the arse.

I've been looking at how to mount gauges this year as I had a Scitsu to install and could not be bothered to get a new glovebox or alter a Vespa one I already have (similiar here [1][2]) Then fuck about fitting it, scrape up my legshields, get it sprayed or alternatively install the way I envisaged earlier on (above). Instead I chose an alternative option and mounted it on the legshields. Will upload some pictures sometime.

Some pictures of a different style of (English made) front disk brake conversion, think it's from Jason Frost. nice bit of engineering!

Some pictures showing where the Electronic 200 bracket sits (apparently)