How To - Maintain, tune & rebuild your Lambretta series III

Note:  Bear in mind that the information contained in this section or anywhere else on my site is based upon a combination of mine and other peoples previous experiences working on Lambretta scooters and is primarily aimed at the everyday rider who wants to do their own work and keep their scooter on the road. Take the information as you find here as you find it, also feel free to copy/distribute/plagiarise. Feedback, corrections etc. appreciated - Lloydy.

Carbs, fuel & jetting for your Lambretta The best thing you can do to a 200cc Lambretta! Electrics for your Lambretta Removing & refitting magneto & drive side bearings Cable management and routing for your Series III
Carbs, fuel & Jetting Timing TS1 conversion Electrics Bearings Cabling
Lambretta front disk brake rebuild Clutch removal and replacement Your Lambrettas Gearbox
Torque Settings Disk Brake Trick Items Gearbox Clutch Troubleshooting